Audio through Docker

Hi all,

We are running some tests on our imx8-mini and when we run

cat /proc/asound/cards

we see the cards and we can also test them with speaker-test. Until then everything works.

The problem is that we use docker to run weston image and cog/chromium browser, and when we do that no Audio output is working. Did you have similar problems with this?

Do we need to mount any volumes on Docker image ?
Or do we need to install additional applications in the image itself?

Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi @bbradio ,

Thank you for using the community.

Checking back with our experts, we recommend sharing some volumes with the docker container.

You can try to mount the following two volumes.


In addition it will be probably necessary to install the right audio codecs for the audio you want to play back.

See also our torizon-samples:

I hope this helps, feel free to come back with more questions.

Best Regards