Audio record swaps Left/Right channels randomly

I am using T20’s WM9715 codec as input of analogue signals through its line input (left+right channels).
Based on ‘Audio Recording’ sample code from Toradex website, I am able to record without problems (setting codec registers as my requirement needs before record).
The problem is that when I continuosly record, the Left and Right channels are swapped randomly . What is swapped is the entire buffer that I am acquiring. After doing it thousands times, it swaps about 7%.
I was told from Toradex support that they saw this swap behaviour on audio playback too.
I can’t confirm if this swap is generated from Toradex WM9715 driver, or from Microsoft WaveForm Audio API.
Has anybody experienced this strange behaviour? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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@apanelli: We will do some further investigations on our side. In case any one else has some input, let us know.