Audio hotplug


We have a strange issue with audio. On a custom board, with the same audio schematic as the development board, the audio is not “hotplug”:
When we start the board with the Mic and Phones connected, it works fine. When we unplug and replug the audio jacks, the audio functions are slow, and don’t work

For example :

arecord -V mono -r 48000 -f S16_LE -c 1 Capture48KHz.wav

The Vu-meter does’nt show after a replug and don’t record the audio.
In the same way, this function does not work after a replug:

gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc freq=440 ! autoaudiosink

Do you know this problem?

We work on a custom board, with a custom Yocto, on poky distribution.



I guess you are hit by the following issue documented in the release notes:

- connecting an analogue mic to the on module codec resets the codec, so that
    neither headphone out nor mic in works anymore. Workaround: Have mic
    connected before boot or change the output source between DAC/LineIn

I assume you only see the effect when you plug the microphone.

We did not see the effect when we placed a 100 Ohm resistors between the modules mic input and the mic jack, so that might be another workaround for you.


Thanks a lot! The 100Ohm resistor works!