Aster Carrier Board - USB maximum Power over X4

Hi there,

I have a Aster Carrier Board, and I just want to check this issue:

If I want to power the board “and” use its console over FTDI, I must connect X4 to a USB port in my computer, that’s OK. And for that, the USB port on computer can only give 5V with 500mA.

But… If I want to (just) power the board with the X4 connector, using a USB phone charger which can supply something like 5V with 2000mA, that is possible? The board will be supplied with more current for necessary applications?

I ask this to check if there is any limitation in current input in the USB X4 connector in Aster.

Andre Curvello

Not sure what you exactly mean, current is just drawn as much as the board needs. Just make sure your voltage is 5V, then you should be fine.

500mA@5V is 2.5 Watt which is sufficient for the Colibri iMX7. I run the Aster on my Laptops USB port regularly, it works fine here.

The board itself supports up 5 A. However X4 micro USB connector is rated for 1.8 A. So if your total power consumption is below 2 A it should be OK to power board using 2 A phone charger.