Aster carrier board serial console not working

Hi, I’m trying to flash linux on my new Colibri VF61, I have the Aster Carrier board, I tried connecting the micro usb both to use as the serial console and to power up the device (X4 Connector) but the console is not working, I have used multiple console software but the result is always the same, I don’t get any kind of information from the board.

And since can’t get the console working I’m unable to press [space] and get into the bootloader.


Can you just connect X4 to your computer and check whether your system able to install FTDI drivers or not. Also, check you get valid COM port on your system or not. If you are able to get then it means your connections with X4 and computer are correct.

Second thing, how you are powering up your carrier board? if you are powering up the board through USB then make sure jumper JP1 is closed. On the otherhand, if you are providing external power to X2 then make sure Jumper JP1 should be open.
Check Datasheet article 3.2.2

If all these options are correct then just connect a VGA display to the carrier board and see whether you get something or not. If not then you need recovery mode to reflash your module.