Aster Carrier Board audio power supply


I would like to use a Aster Carrier Board for an audio aplication. I already have an Iris + Colibri IMX6 combo for this purpose, and they work well.

However I would like to know if the aster carrier board has a power supply similar to the Iris (clean audio with no noise). Does it have a pin that enables the use of Vcc audio, or something similar? If not, what options do I have to get a clean power source for an audio capture aplication?

For example, I have a Viola Plus that even though it has an audio interface, I get a lot of noise due to it not supplying an audio power source appropriate for this type of aplication. In this case I am using an external solution, but I would like to avoid it if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bpadovese,

Aster carrier board audio interface power supply is very similar to that of Viola/Viola Plus. And there is no enable pin control for Vcc audio (On Viola and Aster, the audio (AVCC and AGND) are generated using ferrite beads whereas an LDO regulator is used on Iris.)
You can refer to the Aster carrier board schematics for more details:

If you are planning to manufacture Aster carrier board of your own, you can modify the audio power supply schematics and PCB layout to add LDO regulator for the audio power. In case you are looking for the off-the-shelf solution, Iris is probably the better solution.

Aster audio interface PCB layout has been carefully done to minimize power and signal noise. Please note that the Audio signals are available on header pins X14. You will need external DC blocking capacitor in series with headphone signal. Also please refer to Note 8 in the Aster carrier board schematics for Audio GND pins.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Satyan Raj