ASP is not working. How does ASP work by HTTPD as webserver of WondowsCE2013?

The Webserver (HTTPD) inside Toradex WCE2013 works and responses HTML files. But in case of ASP files, the server responses error massage.
What should I do, that web-server (HTTPD) executes ASP-Pages too?
At the moment I get error message from server as "This method is not implemented”.
We use the OS-Image recommended from Toradex and installed .Net 3.9 over that.

The Toradex standard image does not support Active Server Page Support. If you need that feature you have to build your own image adding the catalogue item SYSGEN_ASP. One note about licensing: We ship our modules with the WEC 2013 C13NR license (see also here), which does not contain Webservices on Devices. Please check with your local distributor, if you would still be in the C13NR license with this additional component for your final product.