Are the fcntl.h and io.h headers available with the Toradex WINCE700 SDK?


I am trying to compile zLib example code for my Colibri SoM.

The example code uses the _setmode() C Runtime library function. The relevant headers for this function are

  • fcntl.h and
  • io.h.

When compiling this code the compiler is not able to locate the above two header files in the SDK folder…

Please suggest if I am missing something or is there an alternate function that can be used to do the same job on Win CE with the Toradex SDK.


If you are building your code for Windows Embedded 2013 those files are part of the SDK, inside the inc/crt subfolder, you may have to add this to the include path.
Up to Windows Embedded Compact 7 those includes were part of the C/C++ library that is provided by the compiler and not by the OS. They are located in the VC/include folder of your visual studio 2008 installation.