Are posix message queue supported?

Hi, I’m new, today I have my first experience with a colibrí imx6ull and a iris carrier.
I have running a Linux console image from toradex examples. And I’m tryng to debug my C project into the imx6 (this project is working until now in a Raspberry Pi). I have changed the crosscompiler in eclipse to compile for imx6ull, but when I’m debuging the function mqopen fails with errno 38.
Here is the question:
Are posix message queue supported in the reference Linux images?

Since nobody answered me and I could solve it, I answer right now, the image that I generated following the guide had deactivated the support for posix message queues in the linux kernel, to activate it follow the guide of yocto project with the difference that the kernel is not “linux-yocto” it is “linux-toradex” and with the menuconfig tool I was able to find the option, activate it and when cooking the image again it already had support for posix message queues.

I hope it helps someone, greetings

Thanks very much for your Input.

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