AR1820HS MIPI CSI Camera Integration

I am trying to put together a prototype imaging system using the iMX8QM and a custom image sensor, the Aptina AR1820HS. I understand there is no driver for the sensor currently in the OS build.


  1. I found this driver in a previous fork: drivers/media/video/ar1820.c - pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jic23/parrot - Git at Google, Is it possible to integrate this driver into the existing Yocto LinuxImage3.0 build?
  2. If the driver is not easily integrated, you could give me a brief description of what would be necessary to integrate it?
  3. What changes to the Ixora dts file would be necessary to get the driver running on both CSI ports of the Ixora board (in a dual camera setup)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Just to be clear, I’m not asking for you guys to design a new kernel driver for me. Mainly I just would like to know how to add that potential driver to the oe-core LinuxImage3.0 build and I’ll try it myself. Also, just need to know what, if anything, needs to change in the Ixora device tree to enable that driver when I try it.

Hi @nathanluck and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Regarding you questions:

  1. Yes, you can integrate the driver in the Yocto build, but first I suggest you try integrate this driver with the sources of the Linux Kernel as explained here. Once this is done, then you need to write a custom recipe to integrate this driver in the kernel.
  2. Please check the answer in 1.
  3. Which both CSI Ports are you talking about? Ixora has only one CSI Port.

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