AR0521 with Verdin-iMX8MP + Dahlia

Our customer wants to use AR0521 with Verdin-iMX8MP + Dahlia.

There is a Device Tree Overlay file for Apalis-iMX8.

Is there a Device Tree Overlay for Verdin-iMX8MP.

Or is there a any other way to use it.

Best regards.

Hi @developer0916 , yes, here you have the changes and some documentation. (1.4 MB)

Unfortunately, these haven’t been added yet to our public BSP.


Thank you for your replay.

Hello, Alvaro. Is the FTP server provided in the documentation, i.e. “” still available? I tried connecting to the server but it seems it’s not connectable. Thanks!

Hi, did you manage to connect to the FTP server provided in the documentation? Thanks!

I think is not available anymore, no. Please open a new ticket to check on this.