Applis imx8 hangs (freez after 40min)

Hello ,
I am using IMX8 on the Ixora V1.2A carrier board. The torizon core version that is being used is 5.6.0+build.13 (dunfell). I simple run a relise container (a Python program)on the start up of the device. This python program is some kind of image processing , so the program works well for the initial 40 minuits but just after it gets frozen. I could not even move the mouse pointer. I was wondering if there is any kind of self hang up at a particular time if there is no user interactions ? Could you please help me understand this issue please?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @sivagganesan ,

As far as I’m aware there shouldn’t be any type of built-in hang up on TorizonCore. The issue you’re having is likely related to your application itself, or its interaction with its own container.

It’s hard for us to make suggestions on solving the problem without more details about it. You mentioned you’re using TorizonCore 5.6.0. Does this issue happen on a more recent version of TorizonCore, like 5.7.2 or even 6.2.0?

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Lucas Akira

Hello @sivagganesan ,

Were you able to try what @lucas_a.tx suggested?

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