Application boots slower on one module than on an other

The application loads very slowly in sl. no.788 board and the same application loads faster in sl.117 board. I have checked the serial debug message. There is one line extra executed in the slow loading board sl. 788. AX88772B: instantiate [AX88772B1] and there are some minor variations before the application launch. After the application launch, both boards are showing same messages what is intended to. attached both the files. link text

@Gopal: Could you provide some more details:

  • Do the modules also boot with different speed in case you remove your application and just boot the default image
  • Are you using our carrier board?

Did you disable Ethernet on one board but not on the other? If not, it is really strange, that there is no Asix (ethernet) driver loaded on one module.

Both the modules boots with same time until the OS loads, But during the application launch, the LCD display loads the images very slowly in Not working board 788. We have 9 boards in the same category out of 25 boards.
We usually disable the Ethernet in all modules, But for the problematic boards, this is enabled to check how it works. No improvement identified.
Topic heading can be changed as Application loads very slowly instead of Application boots very slowly.
We have tried following solutions, but nothing is effective

  1. Clear Registry - Not effective
  2. CPU load check - Not much 68%
  3. Temp. Check- Not much 43 degree Celcuis
  4. changed the display module - Not effective
  5. Instead of production programming(Registry setting, Config setting), all the files are transferred from PC direct and there is change in the registry
  6. Introduced a delay in application loads the images correctly but it will have impact on our regular timings of updates necessary for the device
  7. Voltage checked - 3.3 V
  8. Important thing, with the same setup, if i fix another OK Colibri module there is no issue. which gives us confidence our carried board is working well.

Hi Gopal,

Please confirm that none of the pins used in your application are left floating in your hardware.