Appearance on external monitor from VGA


I was tasked in displaying our app on a capacitive touch display AND computer monitor.

We are using the Aster carrier board for this project and have had little problem getting our app working on the resistive touch display @ 800x480 resolution. I used the Aster VGA connector to display the same app on an external monitor. I was able to get it working but the image is blurry. I realize this is a result of upscaling a smaller image onto a large display but we’re wondering if you have any suggestions. Is there any way to get the 800x480 image to look crisp and clear on a larger external monitor? Are there other monitors available that would work better for this? We would like to use this for a trade show.

We also noticed that you have a Colibri HDMI adapter for the iMX6. Do you think this would help for our needs or would we get the same results as what we are seeing (blurry display) with VGA?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @sbickle99 ,

On the display, does it work perfectly? Probably the issue is happening because of the upscaling as you said, do you need to keep the 800x480 resolution? If yes I believe that HDMI won’t help your needs, but you can give it a try.

Best regards,
Daniel Morais

The only way is to find a monitor able show crisp and clear picture at 800x480.

The VGA interface on Aster board is a conversion from RGB parallel interface so it always has the same resolution and pixel clock as an LCD. Resolution for HDMI interface is set independently by EDID. Please check this article for details.