, multiple issues

Hi, I am having problems with

  • Devices disappear from fleet for long periods of time
  • Ditto on the devices page
  • “Devices not in ” has only a small fraction of the total devices
  • Discrepancy between update status of device on fleet page vs on device page
  • Updates reported as failed when they didn’t

I’m sure you understand the impediment this imposes upon development.


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Also, “unable to initiate update” “status 400: undefined”


Thanks for posting this! We are aware of a few bugs that match your description and intend to deploy fixes today.

I’ll let you know when they are deployed, and follow up afterwards to ensure things are fixed for you.

Sorry for the trouble :frowning:

Fixes have been deployed!

Please let us know if you still have any of these issues and we can prioritize.

Hi @lblackbeard ,

Hope you are doing well.

Did the changes fix your issue?

Best Regards

Hi @ben.tx and @kevin.tx,

Thanks for your prompt action, your fixes significantly improved the situation. There are still some niggles that, if ironed out, would make usage of the site simpler.

  • When searching for a hub in the devices tab, the result will most often disappear in around 10s only to be replaced with some other random result that seems not to be related to the search.
  • In the fleet manager tab, it is often the case that clicking on a particular fleet which has members (and shows a non-zero value in its device count column, opens a panel on the right containing the text no device in this fleet yet. This is especially true when renaming a fleet, but can also happen at random.
  • In the fleet manager tab, upon clicking on a particular fleet, the devices not in <fleet> panel contains only a fraction of what would be expected (shows ± 20, expecting ± 300).
  • I can’t seem to find the update history of a device. This would really help so that we don’t have to keep our own records.
  • Is there perhaps a swagger/postman/etc json/other for the device provisioning api?

Best regards,

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Hey Lloyd, i actually submitted this message to our team a while ago (about 2 weeks). It’s good feedback! And we appreciate it!

We made some bugs, and will try to update you on this thread as fixes are rolled out.

As far as the api docs for device provisioning… The API is still in beta and hasn’t been officially released and thusly we don’t have official docs yet, sorry.