Após a instalação do Windows CE 7, gostaríamos de saber do que se trata a pasta Keys no seguinte caminho \FlashDisk\Windows\

Após a instalação do Windows CE7, o seguinte cominho foi criado \FlashDisk\Windows\Keys. Este caminho guardou dois arquivos .mky. Esses arquivos e a pasta Keys se referem a que ?


What is the Keys folder about in the following path: * \FlashDisk\Windows\ *

After Windows CE7 was installed, the following folder was created *\FlashDisk\Windows\Keys\ *. This path contains two .mky files. These files and the Keys folder refer to what?

Dear @Vinicius

We don’t have source code of this part, and there’s no documentation available from Microsoft, therefore I only can give you a roughly correct answer:

The .mky files contain some master keys. These keys are used to encrypt information which is stored in the registry, such as WiFi passwords.
The master keys are generated on the first boot and should remain constant over the lifetime of a device.

Regards, Andy