ApolloX registry blocked by firewall, registry to another machine?

I’m testing ApolloX extension in Windows with WSL.
We have a strict firewall that is preventing device from connecting to the registry running in docker in the Windows PC.

Is it possible to define the LOCAL_REGISTRY somehow to point to a different registry that I could spin up separately?

Hi @kokkonenfi

today is no possible, the tasks and the device is registered looking for the locahost and the development PC IP address. I’m adding this use case to our team backlog.

One workaround that I can though is to use the device connected directly to the development PC Ethernet and use it as bridge.

Obs: To clarify, the strict firewall is on general network level or on the Windows firewall rules (needs administrator and the company prevents administrator login from the employees).

Let me know,

It is Windows firewall rules managed by company IT.
Fortunately I was able to get the port 5002 opened in firewall by IT so I was able to workaround the problem.

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