ApolloX in WSL cannot connect to Verdin with static IP

ApolloX in WSL has some issues seeing a connected Verdin (see this discussion), but if the Verdin has an IP address assigned by DHCP, I can connect to it from VS Code using “Manually Connect Device”

But if the Verdin has a static IP address, I cannot connect using “Manually Connect Device” because I get the error

[02-17 09:40:28.755] Trying to connect to
[02-17 09:40:53.469] ERROR :: Error trying to connect to  : Timed out while waiting for handshake

WSL can ping the Verdin successfully.

With ApolloX on a Linux VM (not WSL), the “Manually Connect Device” works even if the IP is static.

Can I debug this behavior in some way?

Hi @vix ,

Thanks for reporting this.

@matheus.tx is probably the right person to take this up. He’s out of the office today.

He’ll reach out to you as soon as he’s back.

Best Regards

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HI @vix,

this is interesting, because I can not see reasons for it works on the VM, and not work on WSL :thinking:. You said that is possible to ping, is it also possible to ssh to it from WSL?

Let me know,

@matheus.tx interesting point
When I tried to ssh from WSL I get the message

The authenticity of host can't be established.
ECDSA key fingerprint is    SHA256:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

I pressed yes and I got

Warning: Permanently added 'pc' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.

Then I was able to enter the password and connect in ssh from WSL.

At this point, “Manually Connect Device” from ApolloX works as expected.
Could be the ECDSA fingerprint the problem?

Not sure if in the VM I had previously connect in ssh from the terminal, and so I had already confirmed the ECDSA. But it’s possible.

Does this help you?

Hey @vix ,

yeah, this info helps a lot, we will check if there is some parameter that we can use during the connection to ignore this kind of interactive request from the ssh process. Thanks!

Hey @vix

in the latest v2.1.1 we shipped a bunch of improvements for the device detection and registering. Could you check if this works for you now?