ApalisT30 Ethernet settings

I am using Apalis evaluation board V1.0A and default CE7 image 1.4. I am not able to ping any PC in another local network (different subnet). I can ping any PC in local network (the same subnet) succesfully. If I use the default image 2.0 revision 13 and newer the ping works perfectly. So there changed something. Currently we don’t plan to move to newer BSP. Could you please advice what I have to change/set in our custom image based on 1.4 to get the ethernet working correctly?

Thank you


Dear @vpetrucha
In a simple setup, I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue here.
There is also no obvious modification between image V1.4 and V2.0 which would explain the difference.

  • Please make sure that the configuration of your modules is identical with V1.4 and V2.0 (registry cleared)
  • Please send me more details about your environment
    – How exactly are your two subnets configured
    – Did you do any registry configurations on the Colibri?

Best Regards, Andy

Hello Andy,

Actually, I was not able to ping any IP on the internet, just the IPs of local computers. Finally I found out the root cause. It was caused by the WMDC which blocked the internet connection. The solution is either to be not connected via WMDC (PC <> WinCE device), or just enable WMDC connection settings ‘Allow data connections on device when connected to PC’. Anyway it looks like the BSPs of version 2.0 and newer ignore the WMDC settings so that the internet connection is alive.


From the Colibri’s point of view the WMDC connection looks like an Ethernet adapter which is connected to your development PC.

Whenever you execute ping on the Colibri, the Ethernet packets have two possible paths to find the way to the target IP address - either through the real Ethernet adapter or through the WMDC adapter.
In your case the packets travel through the WMDC network adapter to your PC. Your PC forwards the packets only to internal PCs, but not to the Internet.

You can change the preferred network adapter on the Colibri by modifying the route table. There is a WinCE command line command route for this purpose.