Apalis TK1 update script fails when trying to update u-boot via recovery mode

I tried to update u-boot via the recovery mode with the update script sudo ./update.sh -d -m2 from mainline image v2.7b3 but the directory definitions in the script and the actual directory structure are not consistent. The script expects the folder apalis-tk1_bin instead of apalis-tk1-mainline_bin.

As a quick and dirty workaround one can adjust the directory name with sudo mv apalis-tk1-mainline_bin/ apalis-tk1_bin/

Internally TK1 and TK1 mainline are considered different and folder structure is different. Running ./update with -m 2 forces the script to use tk1 non mainline defaults. if you have etc/issue file with the correct name (Apalis-TK1-Mainline_LXDE-Image), you should run update script without -m.