Apalis TK1 - Resistive touch apalis-tk1-k20-ts

Good afternoon.

We have two Apalis TK1

  • Apalis TK1 + ixora running stock bsp distribution
  • Apalis TK1 + ixora running a custom BSP 2.8b1

When i’m running the one with the stock distribution and run xinput_calibrator i see that it finds a device and tries to calibrate it (even if i don’t have the screen connected via 4 wire). With the one with the custom BSP it does not find a device that can be calibrated

The custom BSP was made doing an openembedded image (via toradex instructions) and then i downloaded the kernel for the apalis and compiled it by myself (enabling some options). Then i copied the resulting uimage to the openembedded image and flashed the Apalis

When i boot both Apalis i see in the boot logs something about apalis-tk1-k20-ts in the one with the stock distribution but not on the one with the custom one. I’ve made sure to check if the driver was checked when doing make nconfig and it was (it’s selected with an M)

What am i doing wrong? Why is xinput_calibrator not detecting the touch resistive driver? I used the dtb that openembedded created but i did not compile one from the kernel. Could it be related to this? Do i have to also compile the dtb and then copy it into the openembeded image?

Thanks in advance

I think i resolved it.

When compiling the kernel i did not know i also had to compile and install the extra modules (my bad, i’m still learning about linux/custom kernels).

After this, I had another issue with applying depmod. It was trying to find the modules in a folder and they were in a folder with a very similar name. I created a softlink and now they are installed correctly. I can now call xinput_calibrate

Next step will be checking if the touch screen actually works.


Perfect that it works now. Thanks for the feedback.