Apalis TK1 Kernel

Is it possible to compile the Apalis TK1 Linux kernel to work with our existing OpenEmbedded build system which has previously been used for the Apalis T30?

I’d recommend updating the OpenEmbedded build system to the latest V2.6 branch and building the Apalis TK1 image. Support for Apalis TK1 was added with the V2.6 beta 2 release. To update the build system meta data to this branch, enter:

repo init -b refs/tags/Apalis_TK1_LinuxImageV2.6Beta2_20160701
repo sync

If you’ve made changes to any recipes/layers, I recommend first migrating those changes to their own layer which will be much more portable for the purposes of forward-porting them to new BSP releases.

The TK1 kernel is compiled while building the image with OpenEmbedded, but you can also build the kernel outside the framework. However, using the T30 rootfs will have a number of compatiblity issues - most notably related to video drivers, X-server, etc.