Apalis TK1 JetPack Deployment

We are developing an application for a customer where we are providing a TK1 with ROS.

At the moment, I’m following the Toradex tutorial which shows how to install NVIDIA JetPack onto the TK1 (which also seems to be a pre-requisite to allow ROS to be installed). I’m at a stage where I have a working TK1 with JetPack and also ROS up and running.

What I want to do next is to make the TK1+JetPack installation into more of a deployable system rather than having to run through the JetPack installation every time I want to load JetPack onto a TK1.

Do Toradex have any suggestions for doing this?

I guess one could image a running module e.g. using U-Boot’s UMS feature as already outlined in other threads already. Then make sure to clear any and all unique numbers that may exist and then flash that image to new modules using our regular update concept. Alternatively we are working on Toradex Easy Installer for Apalis TK1 as well which will allow for easy production deployment of such images.