Apalis TK1 and LVDS

Hello support,

I would like to clarify and see if anything has changed in the past months for the following:

Apalis TK1 board
Ixora carrier
LVDS 10” 1280x800 display from Toradex

Is there any way to get LVDS working under recent kernels or there is no support in Yocto at all for this board and LVDS ?

And second question please:
If my only option is L4T older kernel under Ubuntu can you advise if there is a same easy way there in L4T to configure I/O hardware such as CAN bus, etc via device tree compilation ? I like the easy way of doing that for modern latest kernels but never looked in to device tree configuration part of L4T. I want to avoid complete kernel compilation and limit configuration task to device tree compilation only for L4T if that’s possible at all.

Thank you,

Please check this article.

Hey Alex, Thank you for your reply.
So as I understand, please correct me if I am wrong:

  1. TK1 board supports LVDS only on older L4T under Ubuntu.
    There is no way of having LVDS configured for TK1 in Wayland/XWayland image with graphics back-end

  2. It is possible to tune up the device tree in TK1 under L4T and the link you provided explains that.

Thank you