Apalis T30 Windows poor analog pin calibration millivoltspermsb

I’m using an Apalis T30 with WEC2013 and C#, with the ADC library provided by Toradex.

I am finding that the ADC.MicrovoltsPerLsb function call returns inaccurate results much of the time. Is there a way to modify the registry somehow so this value is more accurate>

It looks to me that it is the Ixora that is causing the problems. I changed out an Ixora board, and the analog read voltage changed from 2.82 to 2.86 volts. Why would the Ixora cause a voltage difference?

The ADC.MicrovoltsPerLsb() returns a hard-coded constant.

Please note that the onboard ADCs are general converters, not optimized for high accuracy.
The variation you discovered is ±0.6% of full scale, which is well in the expected range. Calibration could lead to a limited improvement, because effects like temperature and supply voltage variations would still influence the measurement.