Apalis T30 fails during eboot update- error 0x30001

We recently did a fleet OS update of approximately 100 devices. 7 out of the 100 failed during the update. The only error that was captured on one unit indicates a read failure, error 0x30001, during eboot update (See attached picture)

It was a little over half done when the error occurred.

picture capturing the error from Update tool:
Update Tool Error

Several partition images are updated. The config file for the update tool is attached:config file

Dear @ddufresne

At a first glance this looks like there was a problem reading the file eboot.nb0. I don’t have the information where this file is located, but you can try to move it to a different medium, e.g. from *\USB HD\ * to *\SD card\ *, or copy it first to the root folder, which is in RAM, and do the update from this RAM-based file.

Please also have a look at the log file in a subfolder of the location where update.exe is. Actually in this particular case I don’t expect it gives us more information, however it is worth a quick check.

If this all does not help, I need the detailed information about your update process (where are the files located, exact parameters how you run the update, what is the original state of the module before you start the update).

Regards, Andy