Apalis T30, Custom Kernel and Backports


I’m very much a linux n00b so please excuse my questions or general linux ignorance.

We have a custom baseboard based around the Ixora design and we are using an Apalis T30. I’ve recently taken over our custom linux kernel build from a former developer who has previously left the company and I’m fighting a battle to get the Wi-Fi backports working in our custom kernel.

I have had the Wi-Fi working however since yesterday, I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going wrong. Having followed the steps in both the “compiling kernel + uboot” and “kernel backport integration” with no success, I’m lost.

The platform is already configured to use the arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi toolchain.

I’ve managed to successfully compile and deploy the backports to my deployment folder as follows:

export ARCH=arm
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-
export KLIB=~/dev/build_iwlwifi
export KLIB_BUILD=~/dev/linux-toradex

make -j4
make install

I copy them across to the deployment folder:

sudo cp -r ~/dev/build_iwlwifi/lib/modules/ ~/dev/deploy/linux-v0.1/rootfs/lib/modules/wifi

The deploy them to the SD card ready for updating the kernel/rootfs as follows:

sudo ./update.sh -o /media/dev/BOOT_SD

Having updated the target during uboot:

run setupdate
run update

I find that when the new kernel runs, the Wi-Fi modules are not loaded. If I try to “insmod” the modules manually and in the correct order, when I get to the “iwlwifi” module, an error occurs:

*Failed to load module iwlmvm (error 256) - is dynamic loading enabled?*

Previously when this was working, all of the modules had loaded successfully and I was able to perform a “connmanctl scan wifi” and “connmanctl services” to bring up the available network SSID’s. Also, the RF_KILL feature seems to have disappeared.

To my knowledge, I have not changed the kernel .config file but to clarify regarding the Wi-Fi:

  • CONFIG_CFG80211=n

Is this the correct set-up for the backports or should they be “m” to indicate modules?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Does the deployment folder for backports show the following?

ls build_iwlwifi/lib/modules/3.1.10-g838e10d/                                  
modules.alias      modules.builtin.bin  modules.dep.bin  modules.softdep  modules.symbols.bin
modules.alias.bin  modules.dep          modules.devname  modules.symbols  updates/

ls build_iwlwifi/lib/modules/3.1.10-g838e10d/updates/           
compat/  drivers/  net/

Did you really check the article here? The cp command seems odd. Why specify wifi under /lib/modules?

I chose to use scp as follows:

scp -r build_iwlwifi/lib/modules/3.1.10-g838e10d/ root@

Can you check if your .config has CONFIG_MODULES=y? CONFIG_WLAN and CONFIG_CFG80211 should be disabled as mentioned in the article.

Hi Sanchayan,

Yes, the backports folder has those modules inside and I really really did check that article which you linked to - I’ve managed to get it working once having followed that article many times, yet I cannot now get it working.

I specified the “wifi” folder beneath “/lib/modules” otherwise they backport files would overwrite the existing files generated by the:

make -j3 modules
sudo -E make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=~/dev/deploy/linux-v0.1/rootfs/ modules_install

The above already puts in the various “modules.alias”, etc, files - surely I don’t want to overwrite them with the backports? Or is this the trick I’m missing??

I can confirm that:


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Also, each time I rebuild the kernel - do I also need to rebuild the kernel modules + backports?

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Have just tried another back-ports rebuild exactly as per the instructions - however I copied them to the ~/dev/deploy/linux-v0.1/rootfs/lib/modules/ folder rather than the wifi sub-folder.

The Wi-Fi is still not available when I update the entire target.

if I try again to manually “insmod” the modules, when I try:

cd /lib/modules/3.1.10-g34c5824-dirty/updates/net/wireless
insmod cfg80211.ko

The following error occurs:

cfg80211: exports duplicate symbol __ieee80211_get_channel (owned by kernel)
insmod: ERROR: could not insert module cfg80211.ko: Invalid module format

This is using the following export:

export CROSS_COMPILE=~/gcc-linaro/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-

Another build of the backports and now I’m presented with this error:

 insmod compat.ko
 insmod: ERROR: could not insert module compat.ko: Invalid parameters
 dmesg | tail
 compat: disagrees about version of symbol skb_put
 compat: unknown symbol skb_put (err -22)
 compat: disagrees about version of symbol __alloc_skb
 compat: unknown symbol __alloc_skb (err -22)

Please can someone help?

Ok, I’ve managed to get this working in a fashion having followed a slightly different backports tutorial from a different website. I believe the key is to disable ALL Wi-Fi support - not just the CONFIG_CFG80211 and CONFIG_WLAN options.

Having compiled the backports, I’m still unable to get the modules to load on boot but I have put together a simple startup bash script which brings these modules in. It works. I’m happy.