Apalis LXDE Python libraries

I installed python 2.7 and python 3.4 on my apalis and installed pip for python 2.7 but i wasnt able to install pip for python 3.4 and I’m not able to install numpy, scipy, matplotlib, opencv libraries from pip and opkg install package, please tell me a way to install all these packages.

You are supposed to build a customized image as per the following article on our developer website:


Im getting a 404 on the link

hi @sonicmaster,
I updated the Link.

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The image development and all everything is fine but my question is when adding the packages to local.conf, what will be the commands for adding the numpy, scipy, matplotlib etc. ie python package to board.
like for example: we image append the opencv package as IMAGE_APPEND= +opencv
so i want to know what it will be for other python packages so that i can append then

You can find all the python packages here. You need to choose the correct kernel branch which in case of Bsp 2.8 rocko.

Thank you @jaski.tx

You are welcome.