Apalis Imx8qm SOM with yocto project


I am new with imx8qm apalis SOM.

i am using Apalis IMX8QM 4GB SOM with Ixora V1.2 carrier board

i want to setup the build environment with Yocto project and want to test the basic image with imx8qm SOM with SD-card and EMMC

Can you please suggest me regarding which image need to build and how to flash that image to SD-card and EMMC

Thanks in Advanced

Hi @rathom3 ,

Use Toradex Easy Installer for flashing
Refer here for pre-built Images
refer here for Yocto Project

Hello @sahil.tx,

I am build the torizon-core-podman image with yocto i am not getting how and which image i need to flash
can you please help me on this?


Hi @rathom3 ,
You need to create a new question for new issue