Apalis iMX8QM running hot

We’re attempting to do some algorithm benchmarking on the IMX8QM, but the CPU hits throttling limits pretty quickly at room temp, meaning we have no thermal headroom at all. Additionally, we’ve noted the CPU running very hot, even at idle(>60C). Are there DTB or kernel changes that could relieve some thermal load? Are there peripherals (ex. GPU) running that may be heavily impacting this?

Are you using heatsink with a fan? If no? please install them.

There is a large heatsink on the platform. It’s a hex-core ARM, a large sink should be all that’s needed, which is why I’m concerned about the platform running so hot, even at idle.

The iMX8 BSP is in alpha stage now and power consumption is not optimized yet. All clocks are running at the same speed even in idle state and DVFS is not implemented yet. You should expect significantly reduced heat generation at idle state with a next releases, though in full speed you still need a proper heat management solution. For now I do recommend an active cooling.