Apalis iMX8QM Framebuffer Support?


I’m reading some conflicting information online regarding framebuffer support for the iMX8 family. I’m in the process of moving a QT5-based project from an iMX6Q to an iMX8QM, and the current project uses the framebuffer. Am I able to retain this approach on the iMX8QM or will I need to look into Wayland instead?


We probably first need to get your nomenclature straight. What exactly is it that you are refering to by framebuffer? Qt usually uses some platform plugin for embedded. Is that what you are refering to? If so which exact one? And what exactly have you done wrong that the specific plugin used should matter?


Apologies for the confusing nomenclature. I’m referring to the EGLFS platform plugin. I’ve since come across a couple of Apalis iMX8QM posts on this forum which reference EGLFS Qt deployment; is EGLFS supported on the Apalis iMX8QM?

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Thanks a lot for the clarification!

EGLFS is supported on the Apalis iMX8QM. The default boot2qt image uses this plugin for displaying applications. So you can continue with using the same approach as on the iMX6Q.

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Brilliant, thanks for confirming @stefan_e.tx . One less thing for me to worry about!

Prefect, thanks for the feedback!