Apalis iMX8QM Disable Recovery Mode u-boot Fuse syntax

Before I accidentally brick my device, I wanted to verify if this syntax was going to do what I think its going to do.


fuse prog 0 14 0x00000100

This sets the FORCE_BOOT_FROM_FUSE bit to force the device to boot from BT_MODE_FUSES


fuse prog 0 18 0x00000002

Sets the BT_MODE_FUSES to boot from eMMC.


When I fuse those 2 bits, it should disable recovery mode and only boot from eMMC. It would be nice to test it out with fuse override, but since I need to reboot the device, it would wipe it out anyways.

This was from the MASSIVE 10000 page PDF.

fuse prog 0 18 0x00000042

Looks like this is the better answer just this one. It also will set the BT_FUSE_SEL so it basically does the same as the other.

But this is for imx8 and not imx8qm , so these are the wrong fuse maps.

Hi @mmoles

Is your issue solved?

No, I got the correct mappings and still having the same issue.

Just to summarize could you list all the fuses/values you’re trying to set? In production we set some fuses already so it may be possible that you’re trying to set fuses that are already set.

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Hi @mmoles Please see respond from or R&D team below -

"Our current boot process is that we set in hardware with strapping resistors to boot from fuses and with a switcher we change that strapping to go into recovery-mode.
So we really tell in fuse 18 to boot from eMMC - that’s why it’s already fused.

If one wants to disable recovery mode you could try the FORCE_BOOT_FROM_FUSE fuse on bit8 in fuse 14 . I haven’t tried that, I just saw that this might be a possibility you can try.

Be also aware that U-Boot needs to be customized to a level where one can’t access it even with physical access - otherwise also this exercise is useless"