Apalis IMX8QM and Resistive Touch 7"


I’m currently conducting evaluation and development on an Apalis iMX8QM with an Ixora V1.3A carrier board, and the Torizon OS. I see on the Resistive Touch Display page’s header that is supports both Apalis t30 and Apalis iMX6 modules. Further down, it states it works and is directly compatible with the Apalis iMX8X.

I’m looking for an explicit “Does this work with the hardware I already have?” I’m inclined to believe no, but the mismatch is leading me to ask.

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I understand you’re seeking clarity on the compatibility of the Resistive Touch Display 7" Parallel with your Apalis iMX8QM module and Ixora V1.3A carrier board setup.

The Resistive Touch Display 7" Parallel is explicitly mentioned to be compatible with Apalis iMX6 and Apalis T30 modules, as well as being directly compatible with the Apalis iMX8X series. However, your inquiry is about the Apalis iMX8QM, which is not explicitly listed in the compatibility notes you’ve referenced.

Given the specific hardware you have, the Apalis iMX8QM and Ixora V1.3A carrier board, the Resistive Touch Display 7" Parallel is not directly mentioned as compatible. This does not necessarily mean it won’t work, but it indicates that the display was not specifically designed with the Apalis iMX8QM in mind, or it has not been officially tested and documented by Toradex for this particular setup.

For the best experience and compatibility, it’s recommended to use hardware combinations that are explicitly supported and documented. If you’re looking to use the Resistive Touch Display with your current setup, you may need to consider additional components or adapters that ensure compatibility, or consult specific documentation related to the Apalis iMX8QM and Ixora carrier board for any potential workarounds or compatibility notes.

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It’s difficult to provide a specific answer since you haven’t clearly specified your hardware. The Apalis iMX8QM supports a resistive touch interface but does not have a parallel RGB interface. Therefore, if your ‘Resistive Touch 7’ display features an LVDS, DSI, or HDMI video interface, it will be compatible with the Ixora board coupled with the Apalis iMX8 QM SOM. If you are referring to the Toradex 7" resistive touch display, then the answer is No, unless you use some type of LVDS-to-parallel RGB or DSI-to-parallel RGB converter.
The Apalis iMX8X, which is a completely different from the Apalis iMX8 SOM and has been discontinued, does support the Toradex 7" resistive touch display


After re-reading my initial post, I can understand your confusion. I was referencing the Toradex 7" resistive touch display. My goal (really, this can be read as requirement…) is a resistive interface, as it will be prone to the elements and most environmental factors I’ve seen indicate rain will be an issue with a capacitive display.

I suppose my follow-up question is: Do you have an off the shelf / out of the box resistive display that is compatible with the Apalis iMX8 QM and/or do you have an LVDS-to-parallel or DSI-to-parallel RGB converter available for purchase to allow the aforementioned interface to work as expected?

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Unfortunately, we do not have a resistive touch display compatible with the Apalis iMX8 QM, nor do we offer LVDS-to-parallel RGB or DSI-to-parallel RGB converters. You can try finding a third-party display with an LVDS or DSI interface and resistive touchscreen, or contact one of our partners to develop the required adapter or a custom carrier board that includes the necessary converter and all peripherals required for your project.