Apalis iMX8QM 8G WB IT

I am a new member to the Toradex environment and products, but I am not sure about the board edge connector.
The Footprint for the MM70-314-310B1-2-R300 connector does not match the pinout in the Apalis iMX8 Data sheet. For instance in the X1 Connector listing pins 1, 3, 5, 7 are connected to GPIO pins (I do not intend to use the GPIO’s), but the footprint and schematic symbol downloaded show those pins connected together and joined to pin 9 (GND) - on the foot print for the part it is labeled E1 and is a large pad connecting all the above pins.
Am I missing something, can anyone enlighten me please - sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
Paul C

Yes, on the Apalis IMX8 QM X1, pins 1, 3, 5, and 7 are connected to the corresponding GPIO pins of the IMX8 QM SoC and are definitely not connected to either GND or each other. Could you please clarify which footprint and schematic symbol you are referring to, and where did you download them from?

Yes I think I fixed this. I took your part number for this connector - MM70-314-310B1-2-R300, found it on Digikey. They have a data sheet that shows the connector - correctly. I then from Digikey downloaded the CAD\EDA models for Fusion360 (my circuit board design software). When I looked at the schematic symbol that I imported it did not have enough pins, and the footprint had the pads joined together in several different larger pads mentioned in my first post. I have ‘got round/corrected’ this problem by modifying both the schematic symbol to show all the pins, and the footprint to show/have the correct sized pads without connecting any together.

The X1 connector of the Apalis module is physically and mechanically compatible with the MXM 3 specification. However, it is electrically distinct and does not conform to the standard MXM 3 pinout. For the actual pinout of the module, please refer to the Apalis module datasheet