Apalis iMX8 on Ixora Board


could you please refer where we can find the device tree source of the Ixora board for Apalis iMX8?

I couldn’t find it in the linux toradex kernel:


Thanks in advance

Best regards, Majd

Unfortunately, no such thing exists as of yet. As a matter of fact, we only very recently even split the bring-up combined monolithic device tree into module and carrier board parts. However, for the time being this only includes the Apalis Evaluation Board. That said, the Ixora functionality is mostly just a subset of the EvalBoard so it should just work fine. What exact functionality is it that you are looking for which is not currently covered?

Hi @marcel.tx,

Thanks for the quick answer. I’m trying to run my Yocto Image that is created for Apalix imx8QM. By installing the module on the Apalis eval board, everything works well and the linux boots. However when I set the module back on the Ixora board, the linux does not boot using the apalis device tree. Should I remove the device tree nodes that are redfined in apalis board dts?
Actually we need at the time being at least SPIs, CAN, Ethernet and LVDS interfaces.

Best regards, Majd

You’re welcome. I would first try our latest -next Linux kernel stuff which should really work fine. Should you indeed still have trouble please post some textual log files for us to analyse what may be going on.