Apalis iMX8 : Not able to turn on its display or any peripherals connected to it

I have connected 12V 1A adapter to the Toradex Apalis iMX8, but I’m not able to get it to display not able to turn on any peripherals connected to it. I can see the board has turned on but, there’s no display. Please help!

Dear @Reshma, 1A is quite low for Apalis iMX8. We recommend at least a 2A-3A power supply. Can you try with one?

What carrier board are you using? What display connection? Are there any leds turned on in the carrier board? If you can share with us a photo of the carrier boards leds it would greatly help.

Just a reminder but Apalis iMX8 has available HDMI and LVDS and therefore VGA connections (even through the Apalis Evaluation Board) without additional circuitry won’t work.

Hey @alvaro.tx, we were able to turn it on with the 3A power supply along with some support from Toradex support team. Thanks for you help.

Thanks for the feedback @Reshma, great to hear that this solved your issue!