Apalis iMX8 module not booting

I have an Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT with Ixora V1.1A running a Qt application. It was working fine but yesterday, the board was not booting. I checked by swapping SoM and carrier board. The carrier board seems to working fine with another iMX8 module and the iMX8 module is not working.

I tried to get it into recovery mode but I’m getting HID(W):LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT error. Can you help me with debugging this issue and identifying the problem with this?


Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT v1.1 B
Ixora V1.1A
with TorizonCore 6.3.0+build.4

Are you able to put your other module (which is functioning properly) into recovery mode and load the Toradex Easy Installer via USB OTG as described here? This method loads the Toradex Easy Installer solely into RAM without altering any eMMC content unless you intentionally install a new image or click on the “Erase Flash” button. This approach allows you to verify if you are following the recovery procedure correctly and determine if a potential hardware issue with your first module is affecting i

Hey @alex.tx ,
Thanks for getting back. I’m able to load the Toradex Easy Installer to the functioning module. Below I’m sharing a screenshot of the first trying the module with the problem and after that the functioning one.

How can I debug further to identify what is the cause of this issue?


Hey @alex.tx , any update on this?

It looks like your “bad” module was configured for secure boot. Have you tried changing any fuses?

No. Can you please guide me on that?

If you wish to enable a secure boot please follow this document:

If you haven’t changed any fuses but recovery is not working, it is likely that your module was damaged. Please fill out this RMA form to initiate the RMA process:

Hey @alex.tx ,

I submitted the RMA form but it was mentioned that the module is no longer under warranty. Still, I would like to know whether is it possible to send you the module for an inspection about what happened as it would be helpful going forward with the development. Please let me know if that can be arranged.


Hello, imeshsps

Where are you based currently? And would you email me at junghyun.jeong@toradex.com about this?

Are you based in APAC region? Which country?

Please email us the detail.

Thank you


Jung Hyun Jeong

Hey @junghyun.jeong,

Our company is located in Sri Lanka. I will contact you through the mentioned email.
I appreciate your support.

Thank you.

Did you get estimation from RMA team?


Jung Hyun Jeong