Apalis iMX8 LVDS Data Serializer

Dear Experts,

im trying to find out wich LVDS Serializer is suitable for the Apalis iMX8.

The goal is to send the LVDS serially to a receiver. The Apalis iMX8 does not feature a parallel RGB LCD interface and therefore I have to use the LVDS signals.

Has anyone already gathered experience or can tell me which LVDS signals are specifically used here? LVDS, LVDS FPD I, II, III?

Thanks in advance, Best regards

The Apalis iMX8 QuadMaxLVDS interface is compatible with TIA/EIA 644-A standard. For more details please check chapter 5.6.2 LVDS of Apalis iMX8 datasheet and iMX8 QuadPlus datasheet.

what is your receiving side ? A display ?

Hi Avilib,

I can check with R&D if they can recommend a LVDS to RGB converter. But I would advise to use a LVDS Display right away, this can save you trouble with EMC issues. also you don’t have to do an LVDS to RGB adapter board.

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