Apalis iMX8 LVDS and KOE TX18D204VM0BAA


i was wondering if the Apalis iMX8 LVDS output would support the KOE TX18D204VM0BAA lcd panel.
http://www.koe.j-display.com/upload/product/TX18D204VM0BAA.pdf link to datasheet for the panel.

its doing single channel LVDS with full HD

Hi @nkj ,

Thanks for reaching out to Toradex.

Are you considering building your own carrier board, or would you like to use one of our boards?

Just for the record, which OS will you use? Is it BSP or Torizon?

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Apalis iMX8 , ixora board. Torizon

Hello nkj,

you have to do your custom cable with the proper pinout and connector.
Eventually, you have to adjust some timings in the device tree.
You can start with our Display for development purposes.

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Matthias Gohlke

my question was related to the fact that the KOE TX18D204VM0BAA does 1920x1080 using single lane LVDS and if the the LVDS transmitter on iMX8 is able to handle that ?

hello nkj,

A single channel LVDS interface can support resolutions up to 1366x768 pixels @60 frames per
second (85MHz pixel clock maximum). For higher resolutions, a second LVDS channel is required.
In dual-channel configuration, the odd bits are transmitted in the first channel, and the even bits…
See more in the datasheet page 36.

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