Apalis-imx8: Linux v5.15 support

I noticed that NXP and Toradex have updated to their Linux kernel support to v5.15. However, the device trees for the Apalis iMX8 platforms (Eval and Ixora) have not yet been made available. Is there an ETA for when these will be available?


Hello @Russ ,

Thanks for your question.
We are working hard to update and support all possible families in the new Kernel. Most of our products are now in 5.15 or more recent and we are still working on some product families to include their support.
For Apalis i.MX8 and Toradex Apalis carrier boards, we are doing it right now. Some activities were done but we have some porting and a lot of testing and validations to do and offer a high-quality product.
As you mentioned, you can check our git and/or read our release news to see our progress. I will update this message also when we release it.
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,