Apalis imx8 i2c0_lvds0 irq

I am trying to get i2c0_lvds0 running on our custom carrier board.

I have add this in my custom .dts.

&i2c0_lvds0 {
        #address-cells = <1>;
        #size-cells = <0>;
        pinctrl-names = "default";
        pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_lvds0_lpi2c0>;
        clock-frequency = <100000>;
        status = "okay";

&ldb1_phy {
        status = "okay";

&iomuxc {
        apalis-imx8qm {

         pinctrl_lvds0_lpi2c0: lpi2c6grp {
                        fsl,pins = <
                                IMX8QM_LVDS0_I2C0_SCL_LVDS0_I2C0_SCL            0xc600004c
                                IMX8QM_LVDS0_I2C0_SDA_LVDS0_I2C0_SDA            0xc600004c

I get these errors when starting the kernel:

[    0.146851] No BMan portals available!
[    0.148066] No QMan portals available!
[    1.812278] imx-audmix imx-audmix.0: failed to find SAI platform device
[    1.895642] imx-lpi2c 56246000.i2c: can't get irq number
[    1.906385] imx6q-pcie 5f010000.pcie: pcie_ext clock source missing or invalid
[    2.311622] debugfs: Directory '59050000.sai' with parent 'apalis-imx8qm-sgtl5000' already present!
Starting version 244.5+
[    6.048724] debugfs: Directory '59090000.sai' with parent 'imx-audio-hdmi-tx' already present!
[    6.057828] debugfs: File 'Capture' in directory 'dapm' already present!
[  OK  ] Started Hold until boot process finishes up.
[  OK  ] Started Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen.
[  OK  ] Started greenboot Success Scripts Runner.
[   18.335891] Bluetooth: hci0: unexpected event for opcode 0x0000

What am I doing wrong to get the i2c irq error?
I can see the bus enumerated, but I do not see any data on pins 87 and 99 when i run i2cdetect whilst monitoring those pins.

My bad on the communication. I forgot the pull-up resistors.

The error is still remaning though, and it would be nice to be able to get rid of it.

Hello @jugge
Regarding this error:

This topic has some information on it:

Hope that it helps.

Best regards,

HI @josep.tx ,

Thanks for replying.
Yes, I saw the post you refer to later on when I looked for a solution.
It’s a bit annoying that it is not possible to get rid of that error message though.