Apalis iMX8 - Android Screen Orientation

Hi there, we have an Apalis imx8 board connected via hdmi to Iiyama display => iiyama - ProLite TF1634MC-B6X 15.6'' Open Frame 10pt Touch-Monitor and currently develop a kiosk app using android studio. We face an issue when setting the screen orientation. In the attached pic the issue is demonstrated. The touch input area of the buttons (in red) remains in landscape mode, although we set the app into portrait mode using requestedOrientation = ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT (Kotlin).

The question is: is this a hardware driver problem related to the screen? And if yes, does this require to modify the source code of the android kernel via new driver interfaces? Or is this simply something we have overlooked from the app settings. We are aware of the manifest options called


and we are also aware that we can set the orientation via porgram code like this in kotlin:

requestedOrientation = ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT

Any hints or guidelines much appreciated, especially if this would require to modify android kernels, or perhaps even building our own board support package.

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Hello @Norman ,

Greetings from Toradex Community!

I see that you are using Android as the OS. Could you maybe tell us if it was s developed with a Toradex Partner or by yourself?
I ask this because, when it comes to Android on Embedded, we are not the experts and we usually re-direct the customer to our partners.


Hallo @saijanani.tx ,

thank you for the reply! We are currently using the “Partner Demo Image - Kynetics Android”: Partner Demo Image - Kynetics Android

Hello @Norman ,

Thank you for your swift reply. Then, I would suggest directly contacting Kynetics on this matter :slight_smile: