Apalis iMX6Q : RPi camera rev 1.3 is not communicating over MIPI-CSI2 interface

Hi Team,

Problem statement : Rpi camera rev 1.3 is not communicating over MIPI-CSI2 interface.
May I know how can I achieve this?

Meanwhile I tried following thing mentioned in the Toradex documentations;

  1. Using Apalis imx6q 2GB IT + Ixora carrier board + BSP5 and wanted to interface the Pi-camera over its MIPI-CSI2 interface, so I am using a pitch converter in between.
  2. Added the OV5647 driver.
  3. Set the i2c3 status for camera as : okay in imx6qdl-apalis.dtsi
  4. After flashing on board and by using i2c-tools I could see the hex address for cam : 0x50 to be busy (UU) on i2c3 and is not accessible.
  5. Attached are the camera specific i2c3 pin details.
    So, could you help us with this?

Thank you.


Hi @apurva,

Kindly share what BSP version you are using and change you have made in device tree and kernel?
Additionally please share hardware connection details along with output of below command

cat /proc/config.gz
v4l2-ctl --list-devices

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar