Apalis IMX6Q hardware reset doesnot work

Hi Forks,
I am using Apalis IMX6Q 1 GB v1.1B with IMX6 Apalis carrier board in my company. I loaded my image into it and it works fine but now i want to hardware reset it. I followed the steps mentioned in Loading Toradex Easy Installer | Toradex Developer Center but it doesnot factory reset the Apalis module. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @farooq ,

How did you notice that the module is not going into recovery mode?
Did the Toradex Easy Installer fail to install? If so, what error message do you see?

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Hi Kevin,
During the recovery, I was connected to the board through USB mode. After making a short circuit connection on the Apalis Module, I cannot see anything on the console after turning it on. But after powering, it off again and removing the short connection on the Apalis module, the previous image loads again. Toradexdex install doesn’t recognize my serial /USB connection. The output is as follows:

Farooq Ahmad

Hi @farooq

This is expected behavior, after short-circuiting and turning on the module you will see no output on the console. Only after starting the recovery script successfully, you will see output on the console.

The recovery state is not permanent. In the case that you do not install anything new through the Toradex Easy Installer, after a reboot and releasing the short-circuit the previous image is loaded.
To load a new image, you need to startup the Toradex Easy Installer and flash an image either from Toradex’s online feed or through USB/SD-Card.

We see, that you are using a virtual machine. As you can see on our developer article about the Toradex Easy Installer it is not recommended. We recommend you try the same process from your host. In the Toradex Easy Installer directory, there are scripts for Windows and Linux.

Hope this helps.

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