Apalis imx6q emmc corruption

Dear madam/sir:

Recently one of our ixora/apalis imx6q boards stops to boot. The u-boot console didn’t appear on the serial console and try with recovery mode.
With the u-boot from recovery mode we tried to update the uboot:

Apalis iMX6 # run update_uboot
reading apalis_imx6/u-boot.imx-spl
374624 bytes read in 47 ms (7.6 MiB/s)
switch to partitions #1, ERROR

With this on the eMMc subsystem:

Apalis iMX6 # mmc list

Apalis iMX6 # mmc dev 0
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0 is current device

Apalis iMX6 # mmc info
Device: FSL_SDHC
Manufacturer ID: 3c
OEM: 3c00
Name: Tran Speed: 0
Rd Block Len: 1
MMC version 1.2
High Capacity: No
Capacity: 4 Bytes
Bus Width: 1-bit
Erase Group Size: 512 Bytes

Apalis iMX6 # mmc part
## Unknown partition table type 0

As you can see, the capacity is 4 Bytes and bus width 1-bit. Also the manufacturer ID, OEM and name differs from other boards:

Apalis iMX6 # mmc list

Apalis iMX6 # mmc info
mmc info
Device: FSL_SDHC
Manufacturer ID: 11
OEM: 100
Name: 004GE 
Tran Speed: 52000000
Rd Block Len: 512
MMC version 5.0
High Capacity: Yes
Capacity: 3.7 GiB
Bus Width: 8-bit
Erase Group Size: 512 KiB
HC WP Group Size: 4 MiB
User Capacity: 3.7 GiB WRREL
Boot Capacity: 2 MiB ENH
RPMB Capacity: 512 KiB ENH

Apalis iMX6 # mmc part
Partition Map for MMC device 0  --   Partition Type: DOS

Part    Start Sector    Num Sectors     UUID            Type
1     8192            32768           61055c0c-01     0c
2     40960           7086080         61055c0c-02     83 

How can I restore the data info of the emmc subsystem?
And how can I repartition the emmc?

thank you in advance!!!


If I understand your post correctly this happened during normal operation and not during an update of the image. Then this looks like broken HW.

Are you stressing the write/erase cycles of the eMMC?

Please have a look at our RMA process.


it happens under normal operation…
we have a debian stable without syslog enabled, so we have “normal” write/erase cycles…

And you adhered to the following (e.g. at least the part about mounting it noatime)?