Apalis-imx6q --- core-image-minimal --- poky-tiny --- Qt


I am trying to create an embedded system running a qt application with a quick boot time. I have the apalis imx6q with the ixora 1.1 carrier board. I am trying to build a core-image-minimal with a poky-tiny distro. I am having trouble doing with the lastest toradex BSP. Could you please provide some high level instructions on how to get this to work. Thanks, Zach

For minimum to get poky-tiny working:
In your local.conf, you set DISTRO ?= “poky-tiny”, and MACHINE ?= to correct platform.

A little more refined, you add your own layer, set it to a higher priority number in bblayers.conf. Then adjust the recipes as needed. To add QT, you can use
CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += “packagegroup-core-qt4e” in local.conf. That adds a lot of size though, so you may want to tune what you actually need. If you are using a touch display, you’ll also have to add kernel driver for that, tune mdev rules for the device, and calibrate the pointer by adding
CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += “tslib-calibrate”

To speed up the boot time, you can add bootarg “quiet” to suppress print messages. There’s an article on boot time:

There is also some good training videos at the bottom of this page:

I’m not sure if that exact module is supported, but you may also want to check out Torizon. It’s still in beta stage, but could be of use.




I was able to build core-image-minimal with poky-tiny. Needed to remove the line


from the conf/distro/poky-tiny.conf file to prevent the distro config from overriding the machine config.

I am now having trouble building poky-tiny when trying to add Qt. I assume I am missing some dependencies. Here is a list of packages I am adding to the build located in local.conf. Looks like qtbase is failing, and also qpa/eglsf isnt included (X11 causes screen tearing so trying to use eglfs).

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = “iproute2 libsocketcan canutils qtbase qtbase-plugins qtdeclarative qtgraphicaleffects qtimageformats qtmultimedia qtquick1 qtquickcontrols2 qtquickcontrols qtscript qtserialport qtserialbus”

Your requirements seem to change any minute.

The Qt with EGLFS topic has been discussed on this very forum plenty of times.

If you truly expect anybody to help you I would include a tiny little bit more information e.g. in the form of textual build log files.

In general, my advise is to adhere to the following article on our developer website: