Apalis iMX6Q : Availability of add-on board to be interfaced over MIPI-CSI2

Hi Team,
Is there any daughter card available that can be connected over MIPI-CSI2(X28) connector of Apalis iMX6Q-2GB IT + Ixora V1.1C board? As the BSP5 has built-in support for GMSL + SerDes + Sensor. If yes please share the link for buying it.

Thank you.


hi @apurva,

At the moment we do not have any daughter board for MIPI CSI2 on Ixora. You may like to check our partner page for suitable camera sensor

Other option is to check for OV5640 board from Toradex although we do not recommend this as this is EOL product now but for development it can be used.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar