Apalis iMX6D V1.1Y Network issues

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Today we try to use Apalis iMX6D V1.1Y instead of Apalis iMX6Q V1.1C.
We faced issues with network. First of all Toradex installer was not able to obtain network address via DHCP. Link is up, LEDs are blinking, but nothing happens.
We used USB stick to install custom build image, based on BSP 2.8. Behavior in Linux was the same, link is up, DHCP is not able to get address. We set static address manually. Again - no communication. The link partner sends packets, but does not receive anything from the Apalis.
We try to switch to custom image with BSP 5.7.1. Behavior is the same - link is up, no communication.

In all cases established link is 1000 Mbps.
Once Apalis iMX6Q V1.1C is placed everything works, Easy installer gets IP and network works in both images BSP 2.8 and 5.7.1.

There is a hardware difference in Ethernet physical:
Apalis iMX6Q V1.1C has Micrel KSZ9031
Apalis iMX6D V1.1Y has Microchip KSZ9131

Test setup:
Apalis iMX6D 1GB IT V1.1Y and Apalis iMX6Q 2GB IT V1.1C
Tested modules SNs: 10993019, 10993022, 10993023
Ixora carier board v1.2A
Linux BSP 2.8 and Linux BSP 5.7.1

According To the Product Change Notification:
Linux: New Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver change is supported from BSP 3 (3.0b4.254)
onwards. If you are using earlier BSP versions, the new Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver will
not work without a patch. Since BSP 2.8 is still on LTS phase, there is a new release
available including the necessary patch. Toradex recommends all customers to take the
opportunity and migrate to the newer BSP LTS 3 or BSP LTS 5 releases benefiting from
all optimizations, including Linux Kernel updates and security fixes.
So I’d recommend to test our latest BSP 2.8.x release and verify if Ethernet works as expected . Then you can include required patch in your custom build.

Hello, @alex.tx

Thank you very much for the quich reply. Before a couple of minutes i found similar information in another thread, related to v1.1D, but using the same ethernet physical device.

Shall any special steps be taken to revover the module, since we already used to install custom build with BSP 2.8b6?
We used to install build with BSP 5.7.1 after that, but ethernet is still not working.

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You need to put module in to recovery mode and load The ToradexEasy Installer over USB OTG. Then you will be able to flash a new image.

Hello @alex.tx

Thank you for the reply.

We did it yesterday, but ethernet was not working in both easy installer and new image. I will try with the latest version of recovery tools and Easy installer on Monday.


Today we try to upload newest version of easy installer. All modules were recovered successfully.

Thank you very much for the support!

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