Apalis-imx6 yocto project

i’m trying to build an image for apalis-imx6 through yocto BSP 5.0.0 on ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
since im running the below command i got an errors attached below.

$ bitbake tdx-reference-minimal-image

bitbake_tdx_minimal.log (74.4 KB)

please help me out of this situation !
Thank you so much for your help.


Ixora carrier board

BSP 5.0.0

ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Hi @venkatesh,
I was able to build apalis-imx6 tdx-reference-minimal-image without any issue.
I request you to delete the directory and do fresh installation by following this article.
Dont forget to install the prerequisites mention in the artcile itself.
Try it and let us know the result.

Hi @sahil,

I got your message.
I’m gonna follow the procedure again. and let you know ASAP. and

may i know on what machine and ubuntu distribution were you tried the tdx-reference-minimal-image.

Thank you so much for coming back.

Hi @venkatesh
You can check the supported linux distrubutions for yocto project from here
I am using 18.04 ubuntu

Hi @sahil,

Now I was able to build the tdx-reference-minimal-image with your suggestion. I have to build the Linux SDK for the respective image.

Many thanks for your assistance hope it will be there in this journey sir.

Hi @sahil.tx Good afternoon

I’m done with building Linux SDK for tdx-reference-minimal-image and i need to port our Wi-Fi driver to the toradex image.

How can i port now can you give assistance to do it please…

Hi @venkatesh,
Please open a new question for a different query

yes i do opened a new query please can you look into it.