Apalis IMX6 recovery fails

After the recovery mode jumper is shorted, the USB recovery process back to easy installer fails if the debug serial connection is open at the same time when the recovery-windows.bat script is run.

USB configuration changes during the recovery script twice, but if the serial connection is open, the configuration never changes to the VID=0x1b67 PID=0x4000 device, which then timeouts.

Tested in Windows 7 and Windows 10, Dell Laptop and Desktop PC. The serial connection has Moxa uPort 1250 serial to usb converter. Changing USB ports does not have any effect.

I am not sure whether this problem originates from the Apalis board recovry mode or the Windows or if the Moxa has something to do with it.

We haven’t observed such behavior so far. We mostly use FTDI devices though.

It might be that the adapter/software accidentally sends characters or stops flow through the hardware flow control signals.

Can you try a FTDI based device?

Is this behavior observable with just the adapter connected, or does the terminal emulator needs to be open on host side?

Flow control was the issue. Set it to None and script worked fine while terminal is open.